Tuesday November 20, 2001. Update to Exhibit A to the Final Order Allocating Cash Trust Fund Shortage.

To view updated Exhibit A, click on this link [Updated Exhibit A].

Wednesday, March 1, 2001: Court Enters Final Order Allocating Cash Trust Fund Shortage

Following a lengthy hearing on February 27 and 28, the Court entered a Final Allocation Order on March 1. In essence, this Order set the allocation as follows:

The inclusion or exclusion of accounts based on previous hearings (generally, post April-1999 accounts, land trusts, bookkeeping accounts, duplicative accounts and certain other limited account types are excluded);

Use of March 31, 1999 account statements to calculate the allocation amount, unless they are not available, in which case use of December 31, 1998 statements, or failing that, April 30, 2000 statements adjusted back to April 14, 2000;

An allocation percentage of 8.69% to collect the Shortage from included accounts;

A process whereby each account holder may elect how he/she wishes to pay the allocation; and

The issuance of Receivership Certificates to the payors of the allocations.

To read the Court Order, click on this link [Read Order].

A number of account holders and investment advisors have filed appeals from the prior decisions of the Court on the allocations and have advised the Court that they intend to seek a stay of the allocation until a decision is made on their appeals. The Court will hear these stay motions on March 16.

For further information on the Final Allocation Order and the possible implications of stay motions, click on FAQ at the left side of this website.

Friday, April 14, 2000: Intrust Placed in Receivership

On Friday, April 14, 2000, the Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate (OBRE) took possession and control of Intrust following its examination which revealed a significant shortage of trust cash assets. The OBRE appointed PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP as Receiver of Intrust.

In order to provide account holders, investment advisors, brokers and any other interested parties with as much information as possible concerning the receivership of Intrust, the Receiver is placing all pertinent information about Intrust on this web site and will regularly update it as new information becomes available.


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