Millennium wishes to advise those accounts that are not transferring out, that the following procedures do not apply to their account. Accounts not transferring out will be able to conduct normal business. Accounts wishing to transfer should read the following carefully. 

Please be advised that Millennium was not responsible for the account freeze. The freeze was the result of certain accounts appealing the Final Allocation Order. 

Due to the high volume of phone calls, we are advising accounts to contact us via e-mail at

Request for transfers, will be handled on first come first serve basis. Requests are now being processed as received. In-Process paperwork include transfer requests received that are not eligible for transfer. For example: A request received without original signature. These accounts are being contacted and informed of the deficiencies and how to correct. In-Process paperwork also includes those accounts for which the transfer process has been started. For example: A Re-registration letter has been sent to a mutual fund company. If an account still owes the Allocation and has requested to transfer, it is included in the In-Process category.

Total Number of Requests Received    :       9,534

Transfers Completed thru 01/10/03      :       9,534

In-Process                                                :              0


We are asking that you please do NOT call or e-mail individual requests for Millennium to pull your paperwork for review. We will be reviewing everyone's paperwork as your number comes up in the queue to verify that the paperwork is in order. If there is a question on the paperwork we will contact you.

If you, or your new custodian, have already received your funds and you feel that there is a discrepancy, PLEASE wait until you have received your final statement from Millennium Trust before you call and ask about the difference. We are getting numerous calls and the differences have been the receivership certificates, IA fees, closing fees, liquidation fees etc. Please understand that we will be happy to help you, but we are asking that you be considerate of your fellow account holders since they have yet to receive ANY of their funds. The more time we spend on the telephone the less time we have to actually transfer out accounts. Your understanding is very much appreciated.        

 Again Millennium thanks you for your patience and your patronage.


Due to the nature of the accounts, most accounts are still requesting a full liquidation for transfer. However, if you are requesting a trustee to trustee transfer this would require certain paper work be completed before an account can be transferred. Please review the attached procedures. Transfer Check List

Receiver Certificates. The transfer agent for the Receiver Certificate is the Receiver. If the Receiver Certificate is being distributed, whether by transfer to another trustee, or to the account holder directly, Millennium will send the transfer instructions with the fee directly to the transfer agent. The transfer agent will forward the new certificate. Accounts that have the Receiver Certificate transferred will be responsible for monitoring the status. Millennium will monitor the status of the Receiver Certificates for active accounts only. The attached file is the reverse side of the actual certificate. Please review for a description of the Receiver Certificates and the transfer instructions. Click on this link [Receivers Certificate] to see Reverse Side of the Receivers Certificate. For those accounts with additional questions regarding the Receiver Certificate, the Receiver has setup a phone number to answer such questions, please call 312-298-5490.

One final comment. We are DOING our best. The volume of calls is extremely overwhelming, please be patient and polite. E-Mail is the most efficient way to communicate and usually has the fastest turn around time.